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  • wongirene

    by wongirene

    "this is my favourite game,and it is very interesting"

    It is a very interesting game,I like this game soooo much and I hope to play again. More.

    reviewed on May 27, 2016

  • tylerkretchman

    by tylerkretchman


    it should be an app it llwoes interaction and a lot of expansio. More.

    reviewed on January 20, 2016

  • "best"

    the best game ever...................................,,,,,,,,,, i want play that game agaaiiiinnnnn . More.

    reviewed on February 22, 2015

  • barbara.tamka

    by barbara.tamka


    is a really cool game and i love the game the way it is with clothes. More.

    reviewed on May 16, 2013